Closet Confessions: The Skinny Jean


Are you all out there seeing this really cheesy picture of me on this fine Wednesday?

Yeah? K, good. What a crazy week it has been and I know that it has been rough on several others as well so I want to take a moment and say, I feel ya, times are tough and knowing what the right decisions are is even more difficult. I have a listening ear over here if any of you need it. Seriously. I will camp my blog rv right over to your place if you need me to. I would also say, give it to God daily, hourly. He can make a way.

Nowwwwwwww.......on to Closet Confessions!

This installment (hehe) is inspired by my dear sweet cousin all the way over in Kenya! Love her! Anyway (cause I know you're dying to hear this story...focus) S. confessed her love for flares to me after CC #1 (that's closet confessions if you got lost there) though, she said she had given in briefly (and maybe a little half-heartedly) to the skinny jean.

(that's the sound I hear when my mental light bulb goes off)

Duh-huh....the next CC should be about the skinny jean! Thank you, thank you S. for the inspiration! This ones for you be-be....(in a not creepy, you are my wonderful cousin, kinda way)!

soooo.... about this skinny jean situation.... Like I said before, I am a flare jeans kinda girl, so when the skinny jeans first came out I was a little hesitant....but! I have to say, though not at the very top of my list, they may be in the top 5 for favorite styles. Not everyone feels comfortable wearing them and many say that it doesn't fit their body type, which may be true, but I feel more people are afraid of the trend than are "unqualified" so to speak.

"But I wouldn't know how to wear them if I tried, Elena." Oh, no? well here are some tips: You can style them like I did with a loose and long-ish sleeveless (or with sleeves) top and platforms like polyvore's version only with sandals. It is really fun when skinny jeans are paired with leather (via logicalharmony.net) be it a jacket or even leather boots! I like this vintage skinny jean look via Atlantic-Pacific too....ahhhhh red skinnies!!!

Of course I had to hippie my outfit out a bit.... lol but you could easily grunge this look up by switching out for a skull ring and darker make-up or make it more night-worthy with a dark blazer!

Outfit Details:
Top: Target (on sale for $9!!!)
Skinny acid wash jeans- Target (on sale for $8!!!!)
Platforms: F21
Ring and Earrings: Target (on sale for $5 each!!!!)

#2 Closet Confession: Skinny Jeans Are Versatile!

How would/do you pair your skinny jeans?


Anonymous said...

I am a "scared of skinny jeans" kinda girl! haha! I always tell myself it's because when I was 11 flares made a huge come back and I was desperate for a pair! I've loved them since. I tried a pair of skinny jeans on at the store and... my sister laughed out loud! Hahah. As much as I'm growing to like the trend I think I'll have to sit it out. However, I really like them paired with semi-baggy flannel shirts :o) You look beautiful by the way!

Olivia Grace said...

You look great! I can't wait to get back into my skinny jeans again, they make every outfit so fab!

Cherie @ Lots of Jewels' Blog said...

First, let me say that skinny jeans scare the bleep outta me! You look fantastic and I love this outfit!

If I tried skinny jeans I would pair with a blazer and tank top and then add some big big funky jewelry. I love your shoes, unfortunately I am 5'8" and look like a hulking mess in high shoes. I would have to go with boots or flats of some sort!

You look great!

Cait said...

I love my skinnies! I used to think I would never be able to wear them but I tried a pair on years ago and have never looked back :)

Sarah said...

ADORABLE! I've always wanted to try skinny jeans, but never had the chance/courage. Not sure how they'd look on my hips!

However, YOU pull them off so well! And, those shoes! So awesome and fierce - you look great!

Elena (Running in Heels After Child) said...

You look good in the skinny jean- I have tried them but they do not work my legs.

Your name is beautiful- and is the same as mine.



Claudia Almandoz Gerbolini said...

I think you look bellĂ­sima! And you´ve got the face to pull of the hair do as well... my forehead is huuuuge and no matter how much I love this do, I must protect the dignity I have left. And, last, but not least....THE SHOES!!!!!!!!!! What are you trying to do to me!? I was trying to keep my mind off shoes, and my major shoe cravings....I´ve been going through a serious shoe-buying-detox...I think I would have to call this a setback...excuse me, I have to go meditate now, and repeat my shoe mantra!!!!love your blog!

bird and tree said...

oh my gracious! What sweet comments! Dont be afraid of skinnies ladies...try them I encourage you! I never thought they would look good on me either (and maybe they still dont) but I love them and thats what matters right!?! Elena-it is nice to meet someone with the same name...I have found very few of us who spell it the way we do! Claudia, gracias! I know these shoes were on my wish list forever! but super inexpensive! I have a shoe addiction tambien...maybe we should share meditations? Thanks for stopping by! I am so happy to meet all of you!

Destiny said...

I fucking heart skinny jeans....but I'm not so skinny for them anymore lol going on my 4th child and lets just say muffin top seems to love me lol