When the Papa's away...

Hey there!
I have finally resurfaced after a lovely weekend and the beginning of an already crazy week!
Yesterday the Mr. left on his business trip, and so I have been playing single momma ever since....Yikes! I always feel
900 times busier when he's not here...hmmmm... I think I also try to stay busier than usual too!
I was running around all day cleaning and doing "mommy" stuff ( riveting I know) and I was super excited to hang out with one of my dearest friends who just moved into the area yesterday!!!! Bonnie
just moved about an hour and a half from us and so she popped in for the night on her way to NC!!!! Safe travels Bon!!!! I was so super excited to see her and we had an awesome, silly time catching up. Im so glad she will be much closer by now and we can see more of her.
Oh, ps:

...this little cookie thinks he is hot stuff now that he can stand up in his crib...and the Mr. had to lower it before he left so he wouldn't be able to climb out....guess that's what happens when you are 100th percentile in height! Too tall for his own good...but he's too little for a toddler bed yet so I hoping that crib adjustment does the trick...if not I have no idea what I going to do.... ! Little monkey that one!

Here are a few things I have been pondering and browsing on the web....

* I have really been focusing on this quote quite a bit lately! There are so many good lessons
to be learned from it! Powerful stuff!

* I want to do a version of this song-art...more kid-style though this is mine and Luca's song...
we sing it to each other pretty much daily....melt my heart!
* Word of Advice....do not call these people unless you want to be called 24-7...if you want info go to their website...they really haven't taken no for an answer in my experience.
side note: I am not one for giving bad reviews and try to keep as much negativity off this blog as possible, but in this case, if I think it will benefit my readers, I will do it. They are a good school with (from what I can tell) great programs, but their customer service is a little pushy and unrelenting...Hopefully this is just my experience and no one else's!
* Almond butter is the next best thing (or in my case better than) to peanut butter and, since Luca is allergic to peanuts, a wonderful substitute! I have never been a huge fan of peanut butter so when I tried it and liked it I was super excited and surprised!
* A couple days ago, I tried this recipe and loved it! I will confess, I altered it a bit...I added strips of grilled chicken and sunflower seeds....it was sooooo delicious though, and I think even without the additions it would have been yummy!

Hope you all are having a fab week so far! I am off to run some errands and just maybe, rest a bit while the kiddos nap...hmmmm.... Keep your fingers crossed for me lol!

xoxo Elena

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