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Hello sweet friends! Happy Wednesday to you!

I wanted to pop in just briefly and talk a little about food...well, healthy food.
I am a little off topic I know, but for good reason!

I am a big advocate of healthy food. I think its important to grow your own foods (if possible) or buy local whenever possible. If you're like me, you don't have a whole lot of time to run around all over town, read every label and grow a garden. I do the best I can, and I set goals for myself to gradually get better and better at it all the time. ( The Mr. says I should have a list for everything so I could get stuff done...I wish I was more Type A ! lol) I do try to check most labels and with Luca's new food allergy diagnosis (peanuts) I now kind of have to pay even more attention to what ingredients are in my food. Last year we had a garden and I loved it! We had squash, zucchini, peppers, tomatoes and okra...maybe I left 1 or 2 things out I can't remember lol. This year, we aren't able to grow a garden because we are renting :( but that just requires us to be more creative...like looking for farmer's markets locally...which by the way, there are several really good one's very close by!

While fresh fruits and veggies are ideal...what about the rest of the foods? Well, this is the area I have been trying to curtail, tame and otherwise get a handle on...you know, the cereals, the bread, rice, pasta, snacks etc... making healthy alternatives for all the "other" stuff. My general goal for these foods has recently begun to be "If I don't understand what the ingredients are, then I probably shouldn't put it in my body." So, yes while I still veg out on yuck foods... I have really been trying to change what these snacks are in my home...so that when I do have a craving it will have to be curbed by healthy alternatives. Even if this means I have to make some things by hand....isn't it worth my health and the health of my family? Also, the cost is significantly different. Buying produce at a grocery store can get really pricey and though, I am buying less quantity (junk food/less healthy food) I am paying more for the better quality in food. So here's the kicker! I go online and look for coupons for the brands that I generally buy, whether it is Naked juice products, Kashi, whatever...I find coupons all the time for the foods that I love...and this helps me (besides the feeling better living healthy part haha) justify the extra expense....because I save money with the coupons....! Try it out! I dare you...get coupons for the products you love, then go online to your grocer's website and find out about their coupon policies...like locally here, we have Bi-Lo and they will double every coupon you bring in! Soooo...if you have a $1 coupon for a $4 item...you just saved $2 because the coupon was doubled!!! It pays to find out!

Feeling inspired yet?

Well, to help kick-start you into a healthy eating/shopping mindset I thought I would share this link for a free $1 coupon for Kashi cereal! Just answer the question (and make sure your pop-up blocker is turned off) and then you can print the coupon! If your grocery store doubles your coupon than a $4-ish box of Kashi just turned into $2-ish dollars! What more motivation do you need?!?!?! Get shopping...Healthy!

what are you biggest health food shopping/eating hangups?

If you are a health foodie already...what are some of your resources and/or ways you use to cut expenses?

What are other recommendations you would give others?

I still consider myself "new" at this so feel free to share your tips, tricks and even recipes!!! I would love all the help I can get!

Happy Wednesday

xoxo Elena

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