DIY: Photo Canvas Wall Art

I just finished this awesome project a couple days ago, and I am so beyond pleased with how well
it turned out! I knew as soon as I finished it, that I was going to have to do a DIY post for you all...even though I know there are several out there circling the blogosphere.

Those of you who know me personally, know that I have had this stick on my wall in not one, but two houses for the past oh, 5 months or so. Hahaha...I had this idea to hang pictures, art pieces, etc. from it...and it came all the way from the NC mountains (thanks to the Mr. grandparents!!!) to come and live with us ;)

Well, we got it on the wall...and then nothing happened...time passed and we moved...
and the stick came with lol... I had good intentions...but I could never find either the right frames, pictures I wanted, art wah, wah, wahhhhh.... you get the idea.

Until a few days ago.

I had been seeing a lot of people on pinterest trying different photo projects...
and I happened onto this one in particular ( I saw several more after too) ...
and I said to myself, " dude, that looks so easy..."  at least something to that effect
anyway.... I'm sure the "dude" was in there somewhere...it usually always is haha.

So I ran, hop and skipped over to the craft store...and did the momma
run-around... with my two kiddos and those ever-too-small craft store carts...that leaves no run to
actually wheel around your supplies hhaaaaahhhhh....
I digress.

Well, everything I needed ( which was the canvas and the ribbon, I had everything else)
was on sale...like 60% off sale...all my artsy people let me get a "yayahhhhh"

sooooo... I got out of there pretty cheap to say the least...minus a few less brain cells...
Luca alwaysssssssss has to go potty at the craft store....after my cart has stuff in it
....and I can't wheel it into the bathroom...because, yeah, they will arrest me...
 see the problem here?!?!


I electronically uploaded some pictures of  us and other random pictures I have taken here and there and sent them to print at Walgreen's with a coupon
for around 30ish% off.... ( I loveeee it!!!!) and picked 'em up about 45 minutes later.
super easy to do by the way...and I totally recommend it for moms out there...makes picture printing so much easier!

Now, for the "How To" part...

Step 1: Paint a light coat of mod podge over your canvas completely covering it.

Step 2: Coat the back of your picture with mod podge as well, it won't harm the paper...
( make sure you have trimmed the picture to make sure there is no over hang on all sides
of the canvas before you coat with glue)

Step 3: Place the picture on the canvas, positioning it exactly where you want it to dry.Rub in any bubbles or touch up any areas that didn't get glue...namely the corners. Let dry for about 20 minutes or so.

Step 4: Once the glue is dry, cover the top of the pictures ( YES, I said that correctly) ...The glue will
go on a whitish color, but dries clear. Make sure to get the entire surface. Again, let dry.

Step 5: Making sure everything is dry, take a basic (dry) sponge ( not pictured, shoot me) and dab it into your paint, ( I used black, you could use any color really, but you get that nice aged, burnished look with the black) stippling it onto the sides of your canvas and lightly brush it over the corners and very edge of the picture all the way around. Try not to leave globs of paint on the sides unless that's of course the look  you are going for.

Step 6: Prepare your hanging materials...I used 5/8" wide ribbon, but you could use a wealth of different things, such as, twine, burlap, small rope or you could use a thicker ribbon....and  you could even hang it with just a finishing nail...the options are truly endless.

drum rollllllll please!


Did I mention that I love, love, love how it turned out!?!?!

If you have any questions, or if I wasn't too clear on something just shoot me a message! I'll be happy to help any way I can.

I would also love to see your finshed product if you decide to try this out yourself!

Happy DIYing friends....!

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Lydia @ See Beautiful said...

BEAUTFIUL!! I'm making sure to follow every member of the Inspirational Blog group on FTLOB. I was so happy to find your blog and read this awesome post. Thanks for sharing such crafty ideas with others.

P.S., I think you'd like See Beautiful too. ;)