I ♥ Thursday: Have Mercy

Whew, I'm coming up to the surface from all things birthday parties just long enough to let you all know that I am here and still in love with Thursdays lol!
I have been working the finishing touches to a couple keepsake items that I have tried to make a birthday tradition. I can't wait to show you all what it is...but I'll wait until after the big kid's birthday!
In other very exciting news, the Mr. returns tomorrow and, rest assured, when he walks through that door I am going to plop the biggest kiss on him ever! Then I'm going to hand him and apron, and a list and set him to work! No, not really, hopefully, by tomorrow night all will be done and he can just relax and enjoy some time with some of the fam...oh, that's right! I forgot to mention...or maybe I forgot I already mentioned (ahaha) ( which is so very possible) that my mom, dad and brother are driving from NC to celebrate Luca's birthday! I am excited and a little relieved...I admit it....I need some help! Mainly just decorating and food supplies...the rest I have covered and that stuff shouldn't really take too long!
See, can ya tell I'm stressed?!?!?! I always get distracted and forget what I'm doing when I'm stressed!
So.....on to I ♥ Thursday
.....before I get distracted again!

...the cutest cookies I have ever seen!

...wouldn't this be divine in a kid's playroom?!?!

...people, this hippie jewelry is killing me....and my wallet haha!

...I absolutely love this idea!

Source: eddieross.com via Bren on Pinterest

...this picture just made me want to raid a farmer's market... at midnight!

...probably the cutest photo prop ever!

Source: flickr.com via Amanda on Pinterest

I could totally sleep in this room for like a week...on a secluded island...who's with me?!?


Well, loves...I am off to finish up for the night..er...morning!
Hope you all have a wonderful Friday!

XOXO Elena

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