Happy Birthday: 3 years in the making....

Why hello, we meet again! lol

All you parents out there, I'm sure you understand how exhausting it is to plan a birthday party....I am
exhausted, but in a good way. I mean, wow, yesterday- 3 years ago... I gave birth to a beautiful baby boy and oh how he has changed my world for the better!

I really feel like just an hour ago I was in a hospital room prepping to have that little angel...and now he is 3 years old! What a gift, you are Luca ♥ You teach me something new about myself everyday, and I love the innocent way you are still able to view this world...don't let go of that too quickly. I have seen you laugh and cry, held you when you hurt and cuddled you when you wanted momma near. You are my little man, my helper, my trusty side-kick. You see through me like no one on this planet and there is no feeling in this world like knowing that you are connected to a child...the feeling only a mother has. I love you, sweet, sweet boy and I am so thankful for these 3 years I have been entrusted with you. Keep your heart open, love freely, seek God and learn from my shortcomings.... Everything else will fall into place.

I never thought I could have such a great time at a kids party...If you would have asked me that 3 years ago I would have laughed at the thought...things do truly change don't they?

We had a great time filled with old friends and family and new friends too! We are so blessed and thankful for all of you who came and were able to share in the celebration of our little boy's birthday!

I would have a post one hundred miles long if I tried to post all the pictures I took at the party, but here are a few pictures to highlight the day!

...here's that birthday boy showing off his new Marines shirt his papa got for him....

...I set up this table to host the presents and the scrapbook page...every year I create a new page for his scrapbook and have everyone write a special little note to the birthday boy...for him to look back and remember...side note: does he not even stand like a Marine....heaven help this momma... :)

...I just have to say...when the Mr. told me he was taking care of the cake, a la making it, I was more than a tad bit nervous...I was scared for life guys... there was no backup plan...but oh man, did he ever pull through...and this birthday cake turned out so ah-mazing! Luca loved it and I sure did too!

....oh my sweet men... what more could a girl ask for??

... my birthday boy... ♥

...singing happy birthday!!!

...his first taste of cake...! Yumm-o!

...this little birdie's first taste of cake too!.... I thought....until the papa confessed he snuck in a piece before this picture was taken lol...so this is the first recorded piece of cake consumption anyway!

We really had a blast...and will probably need the rest of the week to recuperate...lol  Not really, but I do still have train tracks running through my living room as we speak...I don't have the heart to peel them up.... and Luca thinks they'r great...

Happy Birthday big guy! We love you and can't wait to see how much you grow and change throughout this year!!!

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The Mr. said...

Two things:

1. I'm going to burn the brown shirt.
2. I'm going on a diet...