All the Months of My Life: 10

This little family is gearing up for a crazy week! We are prepping for a birthday party, preschool searching/planning and a papa (that'd be the Mr. hehe) going out of town for a whole week. Needless to say, I am going to be single momma all next week...and somehow I am going to get this birthday party organized! I am determined...my parents are hopefully coming into town (mom, if you're reading this...Luca gives me the countdown every day on how long his "birthday present Ela" is coming, no pressure lol) and it will be the first time we have seen them since the move!!! Lots to do, lots to do....but I couldn't forget my little birdie boy ♥

tickles...are our personal fave around here..

...I'm telling ya... 2nd awesome rock star drummer in the making....

... he's is already getting into everything, scheming with his big bro and he makes sure he's at the center of it all when anything is going down!

Hello love ♥

10 months old!

You are such a cuddler...just like your big brother! You love to give hugs all the time and you giggle when you get kisses. Your the most ticklish under you neck...it makes you scream and then you kick me in the stomach... hard... because your legs are built like a sumo wrestler's... like iron.
You have 4 new teeth breaking through as of today! Poor thing, you have been really struggling with all that teething...but for good reason- they all decided to come out at once! I'll be glad when you are my happy boy again, I don't like seeing you in all that pain.
You are a major mover! You are so curious and it takes no time at all for you to be out of site! You favorite thing to sneak is papa's guitar...which he probably isn't a big fan of.... you are eating big people food now, and at your first cookout last week a nice lady slipped you some fried chicken! I wasn't sure how that would go down but you ate it and liked it...ok loved it...like you almost took out people to get more. You love bananas and between you and your brother I may just have to buy some banana trees. Yikes. The doctor reports that you are 100th percentile in height...no surprise here... you are about 2 1/2 feet tall already! You will be tall! Brother too...he's 3 1/2 feet tall...big boys I tell ya... I'll never have any food left in the house.... You are pulling up on things and standing really well! You walk with ease when holding our fingers and me and your papa suspect it won't be too much longer before you are a full-on walker! I cannot believe this...didn't I just give birth to a baby? Where exactly did I put him? Hmmmmm....
I love you big boy...2 more months and you are 1...Holy Moly....better get to planning that party....!!!


The Mr. said...

Seems like Mama is sneaking around telling me how much Canaan is sneaking around my guitar. I knew there was a reason I have to continually re-tune it every time I sit down to play...

naila said...

your boys are too cute and i bet it is lots of boy fun time in your house!!!
btw, my husband had to re-tune his guitar too when he was home on r&r..i blame it on the dog ;)