I forgot to ask...

...what exactly, he was going to attempt to cook....hah.

Actions do influence.

This is an awesome reminder for me as a parent.

To explain:
My friend and I had our very first "cooking party" yesterday morning! I was so excited! We made quiche, fruit salad and nutella croissants! The credit goes to her for finding these truly amazing recipes! We both were able to bond over our love for eating and...cooking and it was great!

Luca saw me prepping the ingredients, getting things ready, for when C arrived.... He saw what I was doing and wanted to do the same... I'm sure in his little mind he was probably thinking..."mamma's doing this so its ok for me too!" Wow. He didn't do anything wrong....and it was cute above all else! As a parent though, I see it on another level as well... if he follows me in the good or "everyday" actions, then he can and surely will mimic my not so good actions as well. Oh, no pressure...lol. What a great reminder that I am the first example of Christ my children will see, and if I don't show them what it is like to have a relationship with God, to live in a way that shows I try to be pleasing to Him, then they may not ever learn it at all. Being a parent is one of the highest callings, but we are still human. I'm thankful to be a mom. I'm even more thankful for a God that gives me the strength to face all things...and who takes over when my parenting and human-ness is oh, so limited.

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Ashley said...

What a sweet post! Cute picture, too :]

I think it's a good reminder for everyone that it can sometimes be so easy to accidentally teach a child something. ;]