One for the Record Books....

Well, I have to say, my first Mother's Day as a mamma of 2 was mag.ni.fi.cent.

See what I woke up to!?!?!?

It's the greatest thing ever. When I was pregnant with Luca (a hundred years ago) I told the Mr. that one day I wanted one of these handprint-plates...not only did I get one....I got 3! My guys are the best ♥

After church, my boys took me to a sweet little Italian restaurant that we've never tried before...(that is one of our fave things to do-try new restaurants)... then after a nice long pasta-induced nap...oh...yesss, you know what I'm talking about... we spent some much needed and wanted time at the pool. Thank you Jesus for water, and for round cement holes in the ground that we can swim in. They are pretty much perfect.

What a Great Day.
I love being a mom!

I really missed my mamma like crazy... but we got our phone conversation(s) in...ahahah yep, we had more than one...and I'm sure I will see her soon.

I have been feeling a bit under the weather today...yuck... Im hoping that will go away! The thing I dread the most about getting sick is not being able to take care of myself the way I probably should...it is super hard (ok. like. impossible) to say "ok, mommy needs a time-out...so she can feel better." um...no this does not happen....so I usually end up remaining sick for much longer than I should... oh well....maybe I will drink some warm tea and try and go to bed at a descent hour!

Hope you're all healthy and enjoying the lovely weather! (and if your weather's not lovely like ours...I'm sorry and I really hope it brightens up for you soon!)

ta-ta ♥

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