30 before 3: A birthday countdown

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Hello loves! Hope you are all doing fabulous this Friday evening! Friday the 13th too! Yikes! Mine wasn't so bad...but I'm not very superstitious anyway. I cannot believe it is May 13th already! Time flies I tell ya!

Speaking of time flying.....

Let me just tell you I cannot believe how quickly kiddos grow! Almost 3 years ago I gave birth to that sweet, big boy of mine you see frequently on this blog!  am blown away by how fast time has taken my little bundle of joy and replace him with a super sweet, rowdy, talkative, smart, lovable and oh-so-handsome boy! So in honor of his upcoming birthday, which is a month from now (as of yesterday).... I will be doing a little segment called 30 before 3...30 days until my Luca turns 3 years old! (I had everything planned out to begin tomorrow but with Blogger's maintenance down time I had to start today) I will post a combination of old and new pictures of my sweet boy and add a note here and there as way to commemorate these awesome years and also to catalogue these amazing times we have shared with him. I hope you will enjoy traveling along with me as I remember him as a wee boy...and admire how much he's grown in the last nearly 3 years! 

...this is the day my little monkey was born... he had so much hair! I will never forget his little cry....like the soft cry of a little lamb. He never had a loud, shrieking cry as a baby! So calm and quiet and peaceful.
He was born June 12th, 2008, weighing 7lbs. 14ozs. and measured 21 in. long. He was a breech baby so I didn't have to struggle through delivery (though it was a bit painful afterward).
 My little angel.

this is my sweet baby today..... ♥ (this was taken yesterday actually) how fitting almost.... this was his first time fishing and he caught this great big bass... tell me mom's....how can you not tear up when you see the two pictures side-by-side?!?! Tears for all the time passed....but happy tears for all those sweet memories and even more to come....
He didn't want to take this picture...why?....he was afraid to get near the fish! Sweet boy....he was happy when it went back into the water lol.....

...I would have stopped there, but then he caught another one....a tiny little brim.... he is some good luck charm! I think his papa will be taking him along on all fishing trips from now on lol! Proud doesn't even begin to describe how proud of him I am. By this time, he gathered up a bit of bravery and held the little fish!

I love this little man. He gives me hugs and kisses all the time. He's says "Momma, I luf yoo." when he runs by on his way to play with toys. He dances to the greatest music (all my favorites of course)... We have the same favorites songs and we both know all the words...we belt out the lyrics riding down the road in the car...until he says, "shhh momma...I can't hear me sing...." (oops). He wants cookies for breakfast, lunch and dinner and flushes half a roll of toilet paper down the toilet when I'm not looking. He says, "I want to hold you." about a zillion times a day and thinks grilled cheese is the same thing as sliced cheese. He is afraid of bathroom hand-dryers and vacuum cleaners and is a top-notch dish washer and assistant cook. He knows how many scoops of coffee I put into the pot and counts them every time I brew a pot. He wakes up every morning and tells me, "oh, but its not my birthday yet momma..." He asks me if I have $60 ...at least once a day...for what you ask?... he wants to know if I have it to fill up my gas tank....and he would almost be right lol... This morning he asked his papa to bring home 1,2,3 coins (just like that) when he came home from work...and when he did...Luca came running down the stairs yelling, "did you bring my coins daddy?" He thinks my mvp card is "money" and chocolate is his soft spot. His dimples get all the girls...and he knows it. If you ask him, he will show you his muscles and he knows every song that the Fresh Beat Band sings (God help me).

That is just a fraction of the awesomeness that is my Luca.

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