Closet Confessions: In love with flare

Hi, hi, everyone! The weather is a little chilly today, and I was a tad bummed because, otherwise, it would be a perfect pool day.... ah well, there's always tomorrow.

Know how everyone is kind of programmed to have there own fashion niche? I know I do, and even if you think you have no fashion sense at all... well, you probably just haven't discovered it yet! I have several that I always call on as my "go to" items and I am going to share some of them with you! I am hoping that it will motivate a lot of us to get up and at 'em  about finding out what makes us excited about fashion! I don't have a whole lot of time as most mamma's don't so I want to incorporate quick simple outfits that don't take more than 10 minutes to get into....! Even if you are not a momma, I am sure we all want to find more ways to incorporate time-saving into our lives...so I hoping this will be a help to you! I am definitely open to some suggestions as well... I know many of you are no stranger to sharing your wonderful fashion sense and I would be more than happy to showcase some of you if you'd like!

It's no surprise that I love, love, love flare jeans... So when I read that they were back in style this season....I had a little party in my closet lol...not really, but truthfully I didn't need to stock up on flares because I already had them! I know many of you have had to go out and buy some or are looking for the perfect flare to buy...so here is my suggestion: These are the only new flares I bought...for sheer pleasure and nothing more ahaha... Here's the run-down:

Flares: The Gap (greatest pair on the market for the price I think) 
Tunic: Forever 21 (like a hundred years ago ahhaha no, for real)
Wrap Bracelet: Made by ME!
Feather Earrings: Target
 Platform Wedges: Target
Like I said above, for the price, I think these Gap jeans are ah-mazing! I thnk I paid $48 for these....yeah, not bad. If you can, want and are willing to spend the extra money... I suggest these flares, which happen to still be available...but all her stuff goes really quickly!

I love to pair my flares with a nice long tunic... gives it that boho- hippie feel we all know I love.... but you can wear these jeans in so many different ways its ridiculous... you could pair it with a boyfriend tee and a long necklace or dress it up with a nice blouse

 Its not hard to add a little boho feel to an outfit even if you don't necessarily wear that style all the time... just add some chunky jewelry, a feather or two (maybe in your hair or as earrings) or...my personal fave.... platforms! Natural stones always add that boho feel too and I just love adding turquoise to my outfits any time I can squeeze it in!

How do you achieve your inner hippie?

#1 Closet Confession: Flare is your Friend!

If you too love the flare... show me! I wanna see the lovelies!

Happy Thursday loves ♥

Be back layta with I ♥ Thursdays!


Hayley said...

Really cute blog! you are so pretty!!! And I love those jeans on you, look great! They would also look great with a crisp button up! Glad to have found you!

The Weekend File

bird and tree said...

thanks Hayley! You're right! That would look fab! Thanks for the tip! I love your blog as well and have been browsing it frequently as of late!!!! Glad to meet you!!!