Paint Party

The other day, I had the bright idea to take the kiddos shopping for art supplies... now, we aren't strangers to art over here haha but it had been a little while since our last project- probably the first full-on paint-and-paint brush project we have had in the new house (ok I admit, I was nervous to paint in this house even if it is very easy to clean up...). I loaded up the kids and headed to the local Michael's because, hellllooooo.... I had a coupon! Yep, 50% off purchase....say no more!
So we gathered all the little supplies that we needed.... I had to restock some paint, get a some things for another project I'm working on and such. Oh, and get a canvas for the painting I finally was able to get around to painting for Luca (which was kind of my motivation for an art day).
I try really hard to be fair with my kiddos...so if I make something for the birdie man then I will try to make something for Luca as well and so on.... Well, so the last painting I did (I think haha)
 was  this little owl for Canaan's nursery. I finished it when I was still pregnant with him and before we moved into the "prairie house" (the house we just moved out of).
The short of it is...I owed Luca a painting...

so we got to it!

...he wanted to use "a lot" of colors....pleasssseeee!

...I was actually surprised at how precise he tried to paint this little bird house...he had to paint every piece of it...which I thought was awesome!

...working hard....

...his finished...well drying...product lol!!!

....and here is the project for Luca's room finally finished! He loves trains so much....especially Thomas...so I used that as a bit of inspiration and then just went with it! I like how it turned out...and he is in love with it too! He asked me every 5 minutes, "is it dry yet?"

All aboard the Luca train! hah


posidanielle said...

wow! He is so talented! His bird house turned out awesome! And I really love the train that you painted! It looks great!

Sylvia C. Hall said...

love this project! i haven't been brave enough to venture into this kind of painting with my 2 year old... we just do water colors at this point!

it's lovely to meet you!

bird and tree said...

thanks ladies! I totally understand being nervous...bc...who knows what they may get into...but I usually prep while they nap so that when it is paint time I have a better handle on everything and I feel more at ease for when something does come up...and acrylic does wash off of anything with just a little water (and some soap sometimes)! lemme know if you try it out...I would love to see!