On the way...

As I think I have mentioned before, we are expecting another little bundle of blue in August and we are so very excited! So with trying to get all the preparations made, fixing a baby room, etc. I was on the hunt to find some creative ways to add to it all. Plus I wanted both my children to have some things that their mother (thats me!)  made for them with her own hands.

One project I actually finished a couple of months ago prior to moving and the current choas... was an owl painting which I free handed using only an inspirational picture of an owl I found somewhere. For this painting, I used acylic paints and I am fairly excited about how it turned out. Now I am no expert artist by any means, but for my second, well, third painting I have to say I think it is solid. Here is a pic of the finished product.

Sorry about the darkness of the picture...it is always so hard to find adequate light inside the house for taking pictures.

I am so glad that I finally went against my better judgement and chose the yellow background because it goes so well we the rest of the room decor, as well as gives the walls a vibrant pop.

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