I ♥ Thursday; the "makes me smile" list

Hello friends! What crazy weather is going around! My parents and extended family in NC were right in the crossways of it all and a couple twisters were spotted just a couple miles (on either side) of my parent's home...I am so, so thankful that they are safe, and that there was no damage to their property......many, many were not so fortunate and my heart is heavy for all of you who met the storms head-on.

We have had a bit of rain and lots of wind but nothing super major to report.

How is the weather where you all are?

Today greys and monotones were not going to cut it..... brights were in order and not just bright, but my ultimate, feel at home, comfy, go-to-my-happy-place items is what this little lady needed....

What do you think of when you close your eyes and try to envision your happy things, colors, places....etc.

Though my list is much longer, here is a compilation of just a few that could turn any old frown of mine upside down.....!

...this DIY is amazing...you cannot even tell it is a plain t-shirt....thats right, a t-shirt!

...this makes my closet smile and the hippie me, happy....

...I feel all kinds of inspired just looking at this office/workspace....I cannot imagine being able to work in it!

Source: None via Elena on Pinterest

a feather band!?!?!?! say no more.... check please?!?!

true story. I had an uncle in Texas who did this! He also had a handlebar mustache. and many, many chiuauas! cutest man ever!

...because I have to buy curtains for this house!....and these really, really make me feel less stressed out about it

I would chunk my old dresser out in a heartbeat for this little number haha... well maybe not my dresser....but the Mr.'s dresser could definitely hit the road for this baby!

brown and coral....my happy colors....

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