What's black and white and...yeah, ok that's lame....

Dearies! Happy Wednesday to you!
I thought I would share my latest (though it was a while back) fabulous and thrifty find!
I'm not sure if I am looking in all the wrong places, but it seems that the area we now live in has very few vintage shops and other thrifty type stores...I did happen upon a couple the other day that I am super excited to visit soon, but, as of now, I don't have as many shops to choose from like I did before the move.
Sooooooo, a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do.. Yep, I went on craigslist! Hah! Now, I am not a HUGE advocate of craigslist because there are sooo many scammers that swirl around that site, but I have found it to be pretty reliable when we have used it to sell unwanted items and such...and it does require you to ask the right questions and be smart about your purchase and who you are buying from....


I had no were to sit my bum in my library.

and I was tired of that.

I mean, it is a library and all.

It is supposed to be comfy!

I also didn't want to give up my firstborn and half of my secondborn

to pay for new said chairs.

So, I browsed through craigslist one night for like 900 hours lol

and, TADA:

but wait, there's actually 2 of them! A pair!


If your from the south, then you know what that word means.

For less than $100, I got these beauties that had, ps, never been sat on because (oh man) they weren't the correct shade of cream....but hey, if they had been then I guess I wouldn't be doing the happy dance over here now would I? Oh, did I mention how comfy my bum thinks these chairs are? Yep, we have found a winner.

One step at a time and this little house of ours feel a little more cozy! Cause, its already home.


Tippy said...

LOVE IT!!! Gorgeous material and pattern! Very you!

posidanielle said...

What an awesome find!! I love it! I would kill to find something that awesome here!