ONE....and no more.

Remember that "word" I told you about in my new year's post ? Well, though I would love to say this was an original, made by me idea lol, I cannot. I think it is such an amazing and effective way at kicking the "resolution" out the window while, in its place, inserting an action word for your New Year; your life. Though, I will say I don't take part in (or necessarily agree with) some or most of the other ideas sponsored by the creators (I guess this is my disclaimer), I do think that it has helped me be more focused on the area of change I have wanted in my life for each year. This is my 3rd year. And if you didn't read by post on the subject (see above link) My word for this year is Reinvention.

So, if you are struggling with your longggg list of resolutions and you are already feeling overwhelmed 5 days into the new year, then maybe you should head on over and check out My One Word for yourself...After all, it is all about a change right?


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