Hello 2011...let's be friends

Ok....Soooo, if you haven't already figured it out (from my hint earlier)....

My first New Year's change was.....


Yeah, I know, border-line lame, but for me (seriously, my last haircut was in February) this is end-of-the-year breaking stuff!
Here's my thoughts though, what better way to start the new year fresh than with a new look?!?!
Ladies are you with me?!?!?!
I am not big into new year's resolutions, what I do instead is pick a word at the end of every year which will kind of represent or define the how I want this new year to differ from the next.
This past year my word was Transparent
 ( I blogged a little about that in an earlier post)
and I feel like I really accomplished my goal !
This year the word I have chosen is Reinvention.
Are you still with me?
Ok....so the very first way I am going to do this is by re-starting my business endeavor this year
since the Mr.'s health seems to be stable, I am no longer pregnant and the time seems better,
more calm. There will be several (ok a lot) of changes to the shop and I am so excited to see what
happens! If I fail, well ok, I at least tried. I know I am being really vague about it all, but I want
to surprise you all at every step in the process.

Above all, I have to say thank you to YOU, my readers, those of you who have truly turned into my friends.
You have supported me, uplifted me, kicked me (metaphorically speaking) and guided me through this
blogging adventure. I have learned and am learning so much in just the short while I have been doing this
and I can only imagine it getting better from here!

Much ♥ to you all in this New Year


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