My 1st Fortune

Ok, just to clarify, I don't follow fortune cookie predictions,
but I hold on to the quirkier one's or one's that randomly coincide
 with my life at the moment.
Last night, for our whopping crazy rave of a New Year's celebration (hehe),
we ordered chinese and watched movies.
 This is my favorite way to celebrate the New Year, no really.
Regardless if I don't believe in the fortune cookie; I always read my fortune cookie.
Last night, mine read:

:) Old age is always 20 years older than you currently are.....

(notice it also says: learn chinese: New Year's Eve!!!)
No Lie! Too funny! The best part is that is totally how I am...
Well, more like 10 yrs, but hey 20 works too!
Hope your first day of the New Year has met you kindly!

ps. My fortune cookie included the little smiley face too ahahaha!



joninel said...

nice to know your blog :) happy new year!

bird and tree said...

thank you! Happy New Year to you also!

Marisa Noelle said...

I just stumbled upon your blog and it's quite lovely:) Have a wonderful New Year! I'm your newest follower. Best wishes! xx Marisa

Fashion Cappuccino said...

lol...I'm always curious about fortune cookies whenever I go to the Chinese restaurant! Happy New Year! xoxoxoo

bird and tree said...

Marisa- thank you so much! It is so very nice to "meet" you! A wonderful New Year to you and your family <3

Fashion Cappuccino- I know!?!?! They are so wonderfuly interesting! How can you NOT open one up!!?! Happy New Year!