All the Months of My Life: 5

Happy New Year love! ♥

You are 5 months old today (well, yesterday). Time is flying so quickly, and I am trying so desperately to slow it all down; to cuddle you into eternal infancy....but I know I can't.
You are developing remarkably! You completely rolled over on your own on the 23rd of December, and you love love love rice cereal! Last week you tried sweet potatoes for the first time and you couldn't get enough! This week we tried carrots and you love it just the same...what an easy-going baby you are ♥ Tomorrow we will go to see how much you weigh and how long you've gotten...but we all know you are a big boy! You love to people watch and hold hands (or fingers really)....still hate baths but that's really the only thing you completely object to so I don't mind. You love listening to music and you watch your brother play so intensely like you're wishing to play along with him so badly. You prefer your finger over your pacifier (which is ok with me) and you love to stre----tch every time someone holds you. Your eyes have gotten a tiny little bit darker and the Dr. said they would probably turn brown...but I'm sort of hoping they don't; I love your blue eyes. You love playing with your feet and you favorite "pose" is sticking your legs straight up in the air ....you do this A LOT! hehehe Its really cute and silly.

I love you birdie...you made my year....and every year after ♥


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