FLASHBAX: In The Beginning

I am so excited for this New Year and the new things that come along with  it! If you haven't already noticed, I have started a new series entitled: Flashbax. This is a series I created to highlight our wonderful history in the areas of music and fashion. Though I anticipate some days may have nothing to showcase in either genre so, for these specific days, I will throw a random one in for ya. Though I don't consider myself the greatest of history buffs, I do think it is important that history be remembered in some way or another. What better way to kick off a New Year going forward, than with a few flashbax of where we came from?!?!

4 January 1935

Today, in 1935, marked the 1st airing of history's 1st ever Music Hit Parade or 'Your Hit Parade' as it was called on the radio. This Saturday radio episode rounded up the tops hits of the week, playing each one and showcasing the top 3 songs/artists for the very end-kinda like a vintage version of our modern-day 'America's top 20' with Ryan Seacrest-lol.


The radio program carried on until 1950 when it was taken over by television, however, the TV version of the radio hit never really took off as well as proposed and went off the air in 1959. The show's select singers would perform the top 7 songs for the audience who would vote on what they thought would be the top 3 songs for the week.

How neat to see the way we have evolved and at the same time maintained! Though, a lot of what we do now is just a rendition influenced by the original thing, it is also awesome to see how these old ideas have been perfected with age!

Hope you liked this very first FLASHBAX edition....if you do, I want to know!!!

Happy (present day) January 4th, 20(11)!!!

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