Abstract Is "In"

I am not going to apologize ( as if I really needed too anyway lol) for ever posting a pic of this roamer. You see, (as I think I have mentioned here before) it is incessantly difficult to take a picture of a toddler, in an agreeable mood anyway. So any time I can snag one, please trust that I am going to write about it, because, in my world, this is ground-breaking stuff.

Today, he was all about his art. He is a very artistic child anyway- in the musical sense, but I can see his love for all things art evolving and I do love this so very much. We are just alike, two peas in a pod, he's kind of the dot-to-my-i and I think I probably understand and foresee a lot of things, both good and bad, that he has and will be confronted with. Like I was saying, he was all about his art today. He loves, I mean really loves play dough lately, but today he wanted to draw more than usual, and then he wanted to hang it on his wall. I eagerly appease him when it comes to these notions...I love it. He questions me with "Need tack?" as we walked to his bedroom to hang his art....got it covered my man.

He drew me this picture specifically for my refrigerator or in Luca "re-frig-gur-ate-or" I'm just impressed he can even half-way pronounce it...it's kind of a mouthful. I was so proud (of the drawing), he was too.....and that's why he let me take his picture.

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