What's Been Brewing...

I did mention there were going to be quite a few changes going on. I also realize that lots of people say this....and then nothing happens. Well, truth be told, I have been and probably am (at heart) one of those people, so to keep myself motivated I have to really "get to it" quickly or I find myself lapsing. I don't want that to happen. period. That's why this post is kind of a sneak peak into what I am doing at the moment. A glimpse of some of the things I am making and a maybe, just maybe, you will also get a hint of what really inspires me.

Without getting too sentimental on you all, I just want to tell you have very grateful I am you are here, reading my words and taking part of this place, this "space" that truly makes my creative side very happy.

Ok, back to it, now. Here are just a couple of things I am working on.... and, ps, cannot stop fighting the urges to wear! Excusing it off as my personal "walking advertisement" lol....real models are expensive y'all. hah.

I can-not deny my love for aqua...all-things aqua!

....the dream catcher earrings.

Super excited about these! My newest addition: The Shoe-Strap Cuff

I have been working up a storm since the new year rang in! There are original and new ideas alike, but I am working on creating and maintaining a good quantity/selection of items. Plus, it's just fun awesome to keep coming up with new ideas to expand upon.

Stay tuned! I will continue to post these updates here and there ♥

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Alina A. said...

lovely earrings.xx


bird and tree said...

Thank you for the sweet comment!
I appreciate you stopping by!