A Road Trip Story: Part 2

As promised (though a day late...oops) here is part 2 of our road trip/thanksgiving "journey".... Every year, most of the family on the Mr.'s side gathers at his granny and papa's home to celebrate Thanksgiving. They all pack in to the house, sleeping on sofas, spare bedrooms, the floors....even a camper that is delivered to their home and parked in the yard for extra sleeping space!!! This year, because I guess there was so many of us now lol and because birdie is so tiny, we got to stay in the camper!!! How exciting...!!!....at first.... it felt like a camping adventure....and this camper was really nice too! But it was tough for the kiddos to sleep close together as one kept waking up the other....ahhhh!!! Jason had a struggle with the extra soft bed...but I loved it....so needless to say we didn't get as much sleep as we would have liked, but it was still pretty cool to have stayed in it. I wish I had taken a picture of it arghhhh.....
So, all together, there was nearly 20 of us total....and there was lots of yummy food, card games, and all-around fun times....Here are a few pics we took on Turkey day....

to think 3 years ago...Mr. and I were sitting on this very sofa anticipating the arrival of this little cutie!!!
So crazy how the time goes!

Granny is always making beautiful centerpieces....like this one!

me and my monkey

birdie got held A LOT by everyone lol...gave this momma a little break...here's Nana with birdie

we ♥ holidays....

who could resist this handsome little devil?!?!?!

Have a great day everyone....I have been almost non-stop with my ornament-making!!! My hands hurt lol....but I'm on the home stretch now!!! I see the light! Making them is so fun though...I may just whip up a tutorial for you all since it is fun, inexpensive and well cute!!!


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