A Road trip Story: Part 1

For Thanksgiving this year, as I mentioned yesterday, we took a little roadtrip to Florida to see the Mr.'s family (his granny and papa live there). I was a little hesitant at first about going on a roadtrip that far because it is are first since the birdie was born...I had no idea how the kiddos would handle traveling for 7 + hours (sheesh). Though it was long, the babes did an awesome job!!! Canaan slept most of the time...and Luca cat-napped, sang and danced with me to our fave jams and pointed and "wow! Oh! my-ed" to a bahjillion things lol...It was a great trip in that sense....Now if only I hadn't had an ear infection for the whole trip down....ughhhh. But thankfully the kids were good in that respect too because I surely didn't have the energy to handle tough times...The Mr. was extra nice too driving the whole way by himself...sweet thing he is!!! To top it all off......we got to stop at a Shoneys for lunch...cheeseball I know....but I have truly not been to one since I was like 8 years old...on a roadtrip with my family...so it was fitting to be able to share and pass down this little roadtrip tradition :)....but ps the food was not as awesome as I remembered...though it was the breakfast, and not lunch that I remember being awesome. Here are the first of several holiday pics ...some are from the trip down and others are while there with the fam...Enjoy!

Luca was so pleased with himself...he helped cousin Carrie decorate the tree all by himself!!!
He was dancing the happy jig....the whole rest of the day he kept saying "look, good job tree!" lol
what a sweetie ♥


Snagged a pic with Nana ♥

....two of my crazy boysss causing havock in pub-lic lol....

....he truly was so peaceful the whole time....see?!?!
♥ that birdie.
Come back tomorrow (hopefully lol) I will have part 2 for ya! Have a great night all!

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