All the Months of My Life: 4


Hello birdie♥
You are 4 months old today! It is also December so our little family (yes! you too!) is gearing up for a festive month! We got our very 1st REAL Christmas tree this year and you watched as your papa, Luca and I decorated the tree...the house smells festive and we have a brand new stocking hanging just for you!!! It is so hard to believe that we have another little bundle now, but this Christmas will be so much better because we have you and your brother. You still do not like to have a bath...it is actually your least favorite thing...and this month you will probably start trying some rice cereal!!! I wonder if you will like it as much as your big brother did, but rest assured your mama will make sure to take many many pictures to commemorate that new step! We went on our very 1st trip as a family of 4 (also your very first trip EVER)...we spent Thanksgiving with your great grandparents in Florida and they love you and Luca to pieces! In a couple weeks we will be going on another trip to the Mountains to see Memaw and Papaw!!! What a roaming little bird you are starting out to be♥

We love you so much little one...these past 4 months have made us better for knowing you.

XoXo (mama),
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Diana said...

too cute! happy four months.

morgan said...

what an adorable photo! so sweet.

bird and tree said...

thanks so much ladies! ....He's a keeper!