Name That Camera

In keeping with my promise to post about cameras, I decided to do this one on my personal vintage camera collection. I had intended on doing this post about a week ago, but I received (for my birthday) several more vintage pieces from my dear in-laws!!! Now that I have them all together, I decided to go ahead and post now, assuming I don't have anymore surprises lurking in the mail system lol (really, I don't).

For your viewing pleasure...

So what exactly do I have?....
Here is a running list... (not in order)

Pentax K1000 SE...(or "Penny" as I like to call her. I blogged about how I got her here recently)
Six-20 Brownie Junior
Imperial Six-20 Snapshot Camera
Polaroid J66 Land Camera
Argus Seventy- five
Kodak Instamatic 104
Ricoh AF-40
(2) Continental Tele-Flash T-52 (one with camera case)
Kodak Disk 3600
Kodak Brownie Hawkeye (Flash Model)
Bell and Howell 252 (8mm film movie camera)

...and that's just the vintage stuff...

One of these days I will create a "what's she take that with?" post with how-to's and tricks I have learned here and there....I am always still learning, and don't consider myself that knowledgeable in photography really, but it is something I absolutely love doing...and I can FINALLY say I have a true hobby♥ (that comment was for my Mr., who has always motivated me to find something I love...thanx babe ♥

TGIF! Have a great one!

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