4; Stories: Vintage

I am so super ready to do the second segment of 4 Stories with you all! Again, you can find all the pictures and weekly themes from La over at FreckledNest .

So to my extreme delight, this week's topic is VINTAGE...oo.lo.la.

1. I Got it From My Momma (and Daddy)

Neither one on my parents believed in getting rid of anything...ever. Case in point, the sofas in my parent's living room? Yeah, they were bought 2 years before I was born...I have newborn picture on those sofas...and my kids have been photographed on these sofas...vintage at its finest. Needless to say, I caught the bug...and there has been no looking back. Funny, you say you will never do certain things you parents did growing up...just wait- you will.

2. Let's Take A Picture
My very first vintage purchase was when I was 17 years old. I was taking my first b/w photography class and we were required to have a camera....so off to the camera shop I went. The shop owner, was (and still is) the cutest little old man I have ever met! We ended up taking for like two hours, and in the mix of the conversation he gathered that although, I really needed a camera...i didn't have a whole lot of money to get one. I think he enjoyed having somebody genuinely enjoy having a conversation with him. One in which the person was not rushed, did not look at the clock a dozen times and felt all the more educated for speaking with him. I truly did. By the end of the conversation, he had packaged up his nicest vintage 33mm Pentax, in perfect working condition, per his amazing skills, and charged me $100. Now, maybe I could have gotten a better price, but he was selling it for over $300...it truly was (and still is) a beautiful camera. I still have it and use it...and she...I like to call her Penny, has never disappointed. To this day, I got to see the shop owner (whose name I won't mention) when I have a question, a problem, if I need materials or if I need something fixed...and yes, he will soon be seeing me with several new gems I have just recently added to my collection. More importantly, by taking a little time I met a great person, creative and one with a shared love for old things.

3. Type it Up Old-School

This year, my dad bought me an early birthday present...a 1930's or 40's Royal Typewriter! Oh.yes.I cried. It was beautiful...and I couldn't believe it was mine! I had eyed it in a vintage shop for an amazing price..and told my dad about it...he went back and bought it and about a week or two later, surprised me with it! He has never been one to buy many gifts and I just felt so loved and important to my dad in a different way that day...like he had invested, in something I loved and we shared in that together. I will probably pass this down to my kids one day when they can appreciate it's value and the story behind it...one of my most precious possessions.

4. A Birthday Gem
My son turned 2 this past June...and unlike many parents (which I am not against) I don't think tons of gifts are healthy for kids...so in lieu of a dozen gifts...he got just a few...mostly made and some from family members...but the most prized gift I gave him was the little red rocking chair I used as a child. One of the most touching of moments is to see him rocking in it Every morning (where he likes to eat his breakfast)...One day I hope he will give it to his child...and I hope I am around to that sweet bundle the story behind it all.

Hope you all are having the greatest of weeks! Remember, I want to hear some of your stories too!!


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