Oh, You Wednesday, You

what a great day to just relax and play.....

we didn't really do anything special: ran some errands, picked A LOT of pecans from our front yard,
we had a jam session with my pots and pans in the living room and yummy burgers for dinner ♥

just a very playful, laid-back day at our house...how about you?

...and yes, I confess, this is one of the pics taken during birdie's 3 month photo session...I just can't get enough of him...there was legitimately enough pictures in that session to put one up everyday for the next month and a half...but I won't show them all I promise...just a couple more maybe ;) or 4.....(giggle)

I also came to a shocking discovery over the past couple of weeks that I just had to begin planning a blog post around... You can still, actually, save money by using coupons!!! ( who knew lol)...anyway, I found an effective method/guideline that I feel is worth sharing since I know that so many of us are on a tight budget and can use all the money saving tips available. So I will be whipping up something on this within the next couple of days for everyone. I will also be working on another outfit segment so be on the lookout for that as well! Hope all is well in blog-land...and that your sweaters and hot teas are keeping you all cozy wherever you may be!


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