I Can Finally See It

...Autumn that is. I have been pining for the kind of weather that causes one to whip out the boot collection and pack away the flip flops (ok maybe not pack away completely, but retire for inside use only) and be re-introduced to ALL the coats/sweater/jackets that have been boxed away for all those months....and this week it has finally happened. Yes, it is high 50's,  barely 60's and you Northerners probably are calling me crazy and telling the screen that this is really still summer I am experiencing, but for here and for me...it is finally feeling like autumn.

Today, we celebrated the weather and spent some time outdoors.

...remember those pecans we picked yesterday?....yes, he dumped them...ALL

...completed a few projects....

...wore our warm clothes...

....more leaves....

Hope you all are enjoying the weather as much as we are ♥


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