...A Place Where Everything's Free...

...and yes, I mean everything!!!

Where is this place....well, festival of course!

Our neighbors (and friends) invited us to go to festival with them, and it was soo much fun!!!
One of the reasons I love November is especially because of all the festivals...nothing puts me in the winter/holiday season like a myriad of festivals filled with busy people, attractions, and food♥

...it was cold but super fun ♥

me and my sweet, sweet neighbor, Shaneka♥

the boys

They had blow up slides and mazes for the kids, free food as far as the eye could see (and I mean like 4course meals btw), a great park full of awesome "little kid"- accessible stuff, and music hahah and bingo for the old people...but I almost joined in a game it looked like fun!

What else did I do? Well I re-fashioned this dress...that I have had for a little over a year :) I loved the dress before but the lining was a little too long and peeked out from the hem....it also had pockets but made the dress look very wide. So I removed the lining and the pockets and took in the sides to make it a bit more curved. Added a sweet vintage rope belt and Viola! I think its super cute and with tights can be worn all year round!!!

What have you been cooking up this weekend???

Happy Festival-ing !!!!


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