All the Months of My Life: 3

I know it seems I just recently posted month 2...and well, I did! I was a little behind last month, but this month I manage to  take these pics right on time...my little birdy turns a month older on the 2nd of every month soooo as you can see...I got it pretty close!....Finally.

Enjoy ♥

Hello birdie♥ ,
Look at you smile! You are growing so much and becoming aware of your surroundings so keenly! Today, you giggled and laughed for the very first time!!! Momma was making silly faces for you and you let out the biggest boy chuckle ever! You sleep like a charm and are hardly ever fussy...only when you have a tummy ache or your hungry...well, you don't like your car seat very much either, but that's ok. Big brother held you today and gave you lots of kisses...he thinks your pretty special. I discovered you look so handsome with a little hat today! It has been raining so much, so I put a little cap on your head to keep you warm and dry...and viola! absolutely adorable you were!!! You'll be eating real food soon, and I can't wait to see what you will enjoy eating the most....I love you so much♥


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