4 Stories: Swimming

Ok, so as you my be wondering, I have started yet another "project" lol. This latest one I found over at frecklednest, really speaks to the English Major in me....

For all the specifics on the 4 Stories "project", including link back information, you can follow the link above....and join in!...I would love to hear your stories too...so if you do send me your link!!!

This first 4 Stories subject is swimming...so here are my 1st "4 Stories":

1."Swim" for your life!

I have always been an avid swimmer...part fish, if you asked my mom. When I was about 8 years old, my brother, myself and my two cousins (along with our moms) got together for a day at the beach. This is something we had started to make a tradition of that summer and this was probably our 3rd visit or so. We were all out in the ocean jumping waves, diving and general careless beach fun not realizing that the tow was pretty heavy.Next thing we knew, we had been drug by the tow over to one of the piers (worst place to be by the way) and we were beginning to be pushed way to far out into water we couldn't handle. My one cousin and I kind of panicked and started to get tumbled by all the waves...we finally managed to grab onto each other and use the others arms as leverage to keep ourselves above water...meanwhile my brother was pushing himself to shore (lucky him lol) and my other cousin was farther out than us, struggling very hard to keep her head above water. We had to have screamed our heads off for like 10 minutes before our moms finally heard us and ran out to help...yep they pretty much dragged us back to shore....and we never went back to the beach (as a group) again...

2. How I learned
My grandfather, who this year turned 95!!!, lived a very active life. He was a semi-pro tennis player, avid swimmer and help numerous active jobs during his lifetime. Growing up, my grandpa would visit once every one to two years,since he lived in Panama so when he would come, we tried to make the very best of it. One thing he really loved to do was teach us to play tennis...but one year (on top of rigorous tennis lessons) when he was probably a young 82 years old, he decided to teach me how to swim...we were at our timeshare (using the fabulous indoor pool p.s..) and he Couldn't live with the thought of any of his grandchildren not learning the "art" or swimming...so right then and there he drilled us on paddling, arm extension, floating etc., etc., etc,....and that is also one of the greatest memories I have with my grandfather...he wasn't around much ...but he was always invested in us the best ways he could be...swimming was one.

3. I need a swim...
One of my favorite vacations with my husband was a little jaunt we took to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina last year....We were stressed, tired and all-around burnt out. At just the right time, the Mr.'s grandparents call us up and invite us to join in the annual trip to SC....so of course we obliged. We were able to get away, spend some time in the sand...take a walk and have some quality family time...it was the best recoup I think we could have ever asked for...Thanks Nana and Grandpa!!!

4. Oh, Pensacola

Ok, in 2004 I attended a Bible college in Pensacola, Florida. Now, this sounds like a wierd beginning to a swimming story but hear me out. This was a very conservative college, that made certain activities (like going to the beach) very difficult-to nearly impossible for us to do. They did, however, have the greatest olympic sized, heated, indoor pool I have ever witnessed...but girls were only allowed to swim on certain days...Tuesdays and Thursdays Im thinking (it has been 6 years ago people). So everyday we were allowed I would try to make it to the pool...it was my normalcy in a not-so-normal place (for me). The greatest achievement at this school by the way...was diving off their highest diving board (I am terribly afraid of heights)...which was something crazy like or 12 feet (but don't quote me on that).

Well, that's my first segment of 4 Stories hope you all enjoyed "diving" (lol) into my world a little bit....Again, if you want to join in, just follow the link above and make sure to read the instructions as well as how to properly use the material...(photos, idea, etc...)

ps. I really hope you all join in, and if you do PLEASEEEEEE send me your link...I wanna read your stories too♥


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