Halloween At Our House

We kinda went a little crazy with Halloween....
but it was soooo much fun!
Luca had an amaziing time And too much candy And not enough sleep....
Exactly how Halloween for a kid should be!

The boys wore matching outfits...cheesy I know...but so cute at the same time!

we carved pumpkins...the Mr. and Luca made a bat pumpkin....I made an owl (of course).

we practiced our crazy faces...in advance!!!

....We had wardrobe changes...Luca decided he wanted to be Woody lol

...and yes, I was Aphrodite for the 3rd year in a row...don't hate people, she is immortal...
and Canaan was a little monkey...only b/c I couldn't find an owl...and didn't have the time to make him one.

The Mr. pulled out his trusty demon mask and scared the living buhjeezies out of Luca!

We posed for pics (notice the authentic grass Luca has in his mouth?!?!? I didn't tell him to do that either lol).

we decorated the tent with all the Halloween candy, streamers and goodies we could fit

I made so many cupcakes they were coming out of my ears!!!

and of course...More Pictures...you know me !!!!

♥ ♥ ♥

What we didn't picture was the GINORMOUS bowl of candy we had....the Halloween shaped chocolate chip cookies I made, the bonfire we lit after dark, which we used to create awesome smores for the boys (our neighbors son and Luca) which were their first ever smores!!! and....the ridiculous way we just crashed at the end of the night...there is no picture that could capture how completely exhausted I was at the end of this day....but I had sooo much fun and I know my little ones did too!

How did you spend your Halloween???


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