Birthday Bash

What a treasure of a birthday did I have! I am so thankful for and blessed with my little family ♥

Tonight my parents, my abuela and her husband (who are visiting from Texas), my brother and my little fam are all having a cookout for the other part of my birthday celebration. I am one lucky girl! The Mr. went out of his way to make my day so very special and it was....more than I could possibly deserve, but am happy and thankful for him and my boys!

Yesterday, he sent me to the store to pick up some things for "dinner" except he was trying to get me out of the house to prepare for a little surprise....when I got home I was greeted by my whole little family and a kitchen completely covered with balloons with sweet little messages written on each one. There was cake and cards and a beautiful gift from my two little ones (with great help from their dad of course) ...a beautiful double heart, diamond necklace...and on the box was written:

What a wonderful surprise!

My abuela (grandmother) and her husband were finally able to come for a visit (from Texas) to meet the bird! There visit also happened to land on my birthday week so it was extra special this time! Yesterday, they came over and brought us all lunch...then we had a little photo sesh lol:

4 generations ♥

Abuela meets the bird♥

Birthday momma and her boys ♥

What a great time!!!!

Oh! and we also (courtesy of the Mr.) were able to get snapshots of the whole surprise birthday party as it went down...including a shot of my surprised, walking-through-the-door pic:

Thanks everyone, for all the great birthday wishes!

24 has started out great already!!!


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