My $10 Treasure: The Before and After

So A Looooooong Time ago....like around March of this year (something like that) I mentioned in a post that I had a "Top Secret Project" that I was working on. Well, it has been Several months, and though the project has been completed for a long time, I am just now getting around to writing a Before and After. So, forgive me, but I really think it was worth the wait! This was not my first repurpose project, growing up my mom was really the first example of the fun and reward of repurposing so it is safe to say I have been to this party before. This is however, my first repurpose in MANY years (I say that like I'm old right lol) and is my first since I have been married (3 years in November woot woot).

Ok without further ado, here is: The Secret Project Reveal:


These pics show the awesome (and somewhat disastrous) $10 dresser I found at a thrift shop! I couldn't believe how cheap it was...well everyone I was with could believe it...but I saw potential lol. Unfortunately, this pic was taken after I had sanded it, but just imagine the dresser but with mud brown paint (thickly applied I might add).

To get the process, envision a pregnant chic (me) sanding and sanding to get all the paint off, even the wood, and smooth the edges. Then I had to bond, prime and finally paint. I removed the hardware, and replaced it with some vintage inspired knobs (courtesy of my wonderful husband). I secured the drawers since some were worn from time and had expanded and loosened. It probably didn't help that the owner of the shop where I bought it had it sitting outside covered only by a slant roof. Good thing I rescued it when I did...its days were truly numbered.

I kept as much of the original details as possible
love this wood work! They don't make furniture the way they used too!

Anyway, thank you all for being patient with me! I am happy with the way that it turned out....and the best part is I didn't even spend  $100 after all the repairs and repurposing was completed....that (=) Awesome!

Have you ever repurposed? I would love to see your project!

* side not: All the paints I used were safe for people during pregnancy, and the Mr. did all the priming for me since the fumes were not safe. (Just thought I would clear that up before there were questions!).

Stayed Tuned....I will be posting a sneak peek soon ♥

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