The "Get-Down" When You're Down

We are sick. All of us, minus the Mr., but this morning even though it was tough getting up after being up all night with the boys, I was reminded of a very important attribute that Paul had. God used my toddler to teach me a lesson, and I was blessed in this small reminder. Funny how He uses the smallest of things and even people to get our attention...He does that. In the Bible He used the poor, the blind, the leper....

This morning though He used Luca. We wanted to go to church, but there was no way...we would have gotten countless people sick...and our kids would have gotten everyone else's sick and that would not be good. That did not get Luca down for long. He found another way to worship. He asked us, "Music please." He is a music child and loves the drums more than any other "toy". We of course obliged...and for the next hour he jammed and Lego-drummed to worship music, singing at the top of his little lungs. In that little act, I was reminded that even if we are down we can still find glory in our situation. Yes, it is just a sick day, and it is only one missed Sunday, and , and, and. But like Paul, who found glory in his adversity and content in whatever his state...I realized I need to be more like this. "Beating my own drums" if you will, to what God is doing in my life regardless if I slept at all last night or that I don't even physically feel like typing this blog post right now. Be thankful, give praise. He has given me every moment of everyday. I couldn't not share that with you all. So yes, I may be crawling back into bed shortly, and wipe a thousand snotty noses before the end of the day, but I am going to try to do it with a much more thankful and happy heart, because God just used my son to school me back to reality, and as a parent, it's my job to lead my kids by example.

I don't normally write about stuff like this, but I hope you are blessed as much as I was/am by this. However you are feeling today, whatever your life's state...be blessed, thank God and find the good in it all. It is there, I promise.

he was Lego- drumming to David Crowder when I took this ....

cough,  cough

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gramkappy said...

i feel blessed reading your blog, elena. feel better soon, all of you!!!