"A portrait of my kids, once a week, every week, in 2014"

Luca: Baseball season has begun! You were so excited to play! I can see how
much you have grown since last year...more confident...more aware of 
yourself and the sport. I am so proud. Your dad too... he went and bought you
the helmet and bat you've been begging for... haha... so adorable! In whatever you choose
to do...whether it be sport or career.... college or trade...Know that I am and will
be proud of you....Follow God and you will never go wrong.

Canaan: Admiring Luca as he does his school...wanting to join in so badly...excited to do
some "pre-school" type activities...reading...tracing cards...color games...you love it all...and
you are smart and confident. You will do well!

Neiva: Hey little sassy lady! You are spunk! You've found your toes and your VOICE!!! You talk
at the top of your lungs  all day long...having conversations with mama... you fall asleep best
when holding my hair....? Not sure why, but you do! Eating rice cereal already like a pro. I am in awe
that you are so big already.

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