"A portrait of my kids, once a week, every week, in 2014"

Canaan: Your newest favorite thing: blowing bubbles...
we went through a whole pack in record time...so content
to play independently.You love spending time in the fort
you boys helped build with your dad. Such a cool
hideout for you guys...reminds me of my tree house
my mom built for me when I was little...such great 
memories...such endless possibilities for imagination.
I love seeing these moments blossom. 
You are my gift of promise & hope.

Neiva: Little lady, you are grasping so well...actually
starting to play more than ever...and favoring certain toys
over others. This little doll, I made for you before you
were even born...in anticipation...and it's so 
wonderful and surreal to see you "outside" now
and happily playing with her.
 You are my gift of joy & healing. 

Luca: You found this fallen tree in the woods and dubbed it "the boat"
On which you have been pirates, captains...and so many other
awesome adventurous things! I am so thankful for you and your easy spirit...
knowing somehow that I am learning right along with you... I have see you 
grow so much as a person... so much stronger...so much more interested in
exploring new things...so invested in how others feel. I am thankful for you
Luca... you teach me to be a better person.
You are my gift of light & wisdom.

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