"A portrait of my kids, once a week, every week, in 2014"

Canaan: We have these vintage chalkboards...a couple of them... and finally,
since it has been so rainy and terrible outside, we broke them in a little. 
I love your doodles and how you run up to me so excited and proud of
your latest creation. Your heart has been outside this week...staring out 
the window...wishing away the rain... but enjoying the "new" fun things 
that we've been discovering deep within the closets. Waiting for a rainy
week such as this.

Luca: "fishing" in puddles with a handmade fishing pole...a stick and some
string...(during a well needed but brief sun-filled couple of hours)
the kind of toys I would most likely have been found with when I 
was his age...reflecting on that time...and now being of mom...
so surreal how I vividly remember traipsing, boots and all, into the woods with
a walking stick and my little brother in toe. Now I see you kiddo, and I can't even
believe my own eyes. I want you to have the childhood I did....but even better,

Neiva: You are 5 months old! Tiny babe no more... I may be alone in this, but 
I love big squishy baby stage so much more than fragile newborn... these
recent "chats" with you exploring your voice...grasping, finding your feet and 
toes...a tiny top of your first little tooth peeking through...the many milestones
you are reaching...and so happy...(mostly). I love everyday with you... my sweet
little love. You are the gift I never knew and I needed and you bring my world 
so much joy. 

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jen said...

They are absolutely gorgeous and love their names. Beautiful photos.