Thrift{Ed} : Inexpensive Awesomeness

Well, after my last thrifting score...
friends....that find is hard to beat...
so this post may seem like
chopped liver ....
sorry about that... lol

They were great finds...mind you...
I felt really good about them...
and, may I add, these were scored from
the brand new thrift shop that just opened
up about....oh, 2 SECONDS from my house!
Happy me.....Not so happy wallet hah

I had quite a few good finds from this trip so 
I decided to break it up into two posts....
so as to not overload you guys with inexpensive
awesomeness... :)

  Guys, this table runner still had the tags on it... and that makes it even better....to know
exactly what you would have paid for it
...and then know what you actually paid for it...!

 I always try to keep a mental note of a few things I am on the lookout for
.... like these cups...I have been wanting a small glass set and
scored these for $2....never used might I add!
Also found this great fabric! I think it was originally a display shower curtain
...that you can find in the bath sections of stores... it just so happens to be the perfect dimensions
for another runner....all I have to do is hem up one side where the curtain hooks are...easy-peasy!!

Oftentimes, when a new thrift shop or even a Goodwill opens up, large businesses will donate new items from their stores and use them as tax write-offs...so it is the perfect time to stop in! That was the case here...I found several things that were new...with tags still attached...but being sold at thrift store prices... Some thrift shops may charge a bit more than usual for these items...but it is still a good deal since you still aren't paying full price.

I was pretty excited about these finds...and about my newest and closest thrift store location!!!

Have you found any new thrift shops lately?

Hope you are all having a great week so far....
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chrissy said...

that table runner is absolutely beautiful! i adore the linen section of the thrifts second only to the books because you never ever know what you will find there.

JAIMIE @ roxyloveblog said...

Awesome finds, as usual! :)

Rachel~Wildflower Photography Studio and a little bit vintage said...

awesome finds! i just love thrifting! :)