More Precious Is...

"...Ten thousand parks where deer do run
Ten thousand roses in the sun
Ten thousand pearls beneath the sea
                                                         my babe more precious is to me."

My little one is not so little anymore...it is true.
A few days ago...he refused to eat unless he could
"sit like his big brother" ...without his booster seat.
I am so excited to see him learn and grow...but my heart
is a little sad to see my baby disappear.
So, I will share the last few snippets of "babyhood" here
cherishing them to the very end.
Embracing the little boy he is becoming so quickly.


Thank you all for your sweet and encouraging responses to my last post... they  are truly so very encouraging and wonderful. 

I have a busy weekend coming up...filled with friends and photo shoots... one of my favorite kinds! I am praying this rain holds off just a little longer!

What have  you planned for the weekend?


ps...the name of the poem above is called "A Mother's Song" but I am not sure who it was written by....if you do, please feel free to share!

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