Top 3 Lipstick Crushes


I don't know about you ladies, but for me it is terribly hard to decide the "perfect" shade of lipstick
when I am shopping for a new color.
I could totally spend an hour going back and forth trying to decide which one I think will look the best.
Thankfully, they have places (for people like me) like MAC and Sephora...even ULTA that will let you test-drive that knew shade before you take it home with you....
On the other hand, I don't always want to spend the extra money to buy a name brand 
lipstick...unless I am treating myself or I want a new shade for a special event.
For the normal, everyday wear...I tend to go with the less expensive options...
and I am guessing many (if not most) feel the same way I do...

So with that, I rounded-up my top 3 {current hah} favorite lipsticks that I love, but also, will definitely not
break the bank!!!

1. Revlon Lip Butter in Tutti Frutti- this stuff is the real deal....it actually feels like butter...for your lips...
and the shade of peach is perfect ...not to pink...not too orange...and at $7.49 ...it's a pretty cheap bargain

2. Baby Lips in Pink Punch- if lip balm and lipstick had a baby...this is what you'd get!!! I love it...its lip hydration with lovely color!!! And the pink color is just the right amount of bright....and at $3.99 it is super cheap...!!
That's a win-win!! Oh, and all the other colors are just as wonderful too...yes, I do have all the colors...haha

3. Revlon Colorburst Lipstick in Soft Nude- I have to confess....I spent years...years looking, searching and testing each tons of "nude" shades trying to find the one that I felt looked the best...and I finally found it! I am so excited!!! I admit,  you do need to add some gloss over the top to make it "perfect" but the shade is just marvelous!!! This lipstick is a little more expensive, but at $8.99 I can still deal with it!

Oh, and right now, if you buy from Ulta you get BUY ONE GET THE SECOND 50% OFF!
...and now Ulta did not pay me to tell you that either ;)

What shades/brands of lipstick are your favorites right now?!?!


kelly summers said...

I love the lip butters, too. Pink Truffle is my favorite. The Maybelline colorsensational ones are pretty good, too. My favorite in general right now is by MAC. It's called Craving and it's a really pretty purple/fuschia color. It's about as bright as I'll go :)

LeahJo said...

I love the nude shade. I've also been looking for a good shade, and I've seen on Pinterest one for MAC but paying almost $20 for a tube is not in my book. The Revlon one is pretty affordable. Need to check that one out soon!

erica marie said...

Love the way you presented this...I always have the hardest time finding new shades. So glad the red I just bought happens to be a favorite.

xo erica

bird and tree said...

Thanks for stopping by ladies!!!

Kelly- ohhhh...I'll have to try that color! Yes, MAC is pretty amazing! Wish I had the budget to buy about a dozen bright shades right how lol!!!

Leah- ...that was my dilemma...which is why I am sooo glad I found the cheaper one!!! Yes...I totally think you will be pleased!!!

Erica- well thank you sweet lady! It is always awesome when you "accidentally" find your dream shade!!!