He's the next best handyman...
equipped with his very own
lion rawrrrrr...
which he likes to belt out when he's wearing his hardhat
and preparing for a long day of work.
He also eats nails for breakfast...
...and has a mean right-hook...

The Mr. and I affectionately call him
"Conan" instead of Canaan....
I guess the bird has outgrown his
baby nickname?!?

Conan: Coming to a Playground Near You.


PS thanks so much to all of you have responded to me about button swapping in April!!!
I still have 1 or 2 more spaces left so message me if you are interested in a swap!!!


Happy Wednesday ♥

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LeahJo said...

too cute. Loves that he roars when he wears his hardhat. 'I am baby, hear me roar.' haha.
He's adorable!

his little Lady said...

ha, so absolutely adorable! i love how enthusiastic little kids can be. and i just adore his little nickname!
xo TJ

Nici said...

So cute!
Love this picture!
Nice blog you got! :)