Let's Swap! {Now Closed}

Button swap that is!!!

A couple of my wonderful bloggy friends have been doing this... ( button swapping that is)
these two sweet ladies in particular:
here and here 
and it kind of inspired me to jump on board too.
I have a lot of real life friends with small businesses,
bloggy friends with shops, personal blogs, etc...
and well, advertising can be expensive...
and if this can be a way to help...
even a small way...
well, then it's  more than worth it!

If you are interested....shoot me a message
whether by email, twitter or fb
(the links are all on my sidebar)
and let the button swapping begin!!!

I don't have a ton of spaces (I wish I did)...so get those requests in!
I will announce when all spaces are filled...

Happy Monday Friends!!!


Sarah Hope Dickert said...

What a good idea! :)

Anonymous said...

even if you don't have room for mine.. I'd love one of yours!!

bird and tree said...

Olivia!!! Yes! I have room!!! I couldn't find your email address on your blog :/ so I put my email in your comments for your last post! Hope you get it!!!

Thanks Sarah! There's still room if you'd like to join!