{love}ly lynks

today was all about springtime here....or rather...the preparation for spring.
The Mr. and I tackled some yard work...the first we have done since we moved in!!!
I did some much needed weeding and pruning...I am so thankful the previous owners appreciated
a nice yard...I had really very little to "fix" and only focused on freshening everything up.
We are going to make a greenhouse run soon...I want lots of flowers and lots of color...
it has been too long since I have had an outdoor flower garden of my own...
fresh flowers really put a smile on my face...

Here are a few things this week I have found well, {love}ly!
1. I decided this week that I was going to start tackling my DIY board on pinterest,
so I started by recreating this DIY 
 you can see the one I made here

2. and because of this post, my makeup brushes are about to get a face lift!

3. thinking I might try this for our Easter Egg Hunt this year...

4. this is a great idea for all you mom's with little girls...

5. this lovely lady wrote a very real and very touching post...you should read it ...

6. this lovely gal did a great job updating this dresser!...

7. Hannah has an awesome segment on her blog called Waiting for Grace...if any of you or someone you know
is battling infertility &/or miscarriage.. I think you'll love it and find it encouraging!

8. I love finding reclaimed wood items...doesn't matter what it is..art, furniture or even these by Re-Turned...

9. if you are trying to lose weight you don't want to click this link...if not...eat your heart out lol...

10. i really love this print...and am scheming for a way to get it in my office :)


off the blog,
I found some lovely thrifted goodies this week...and I plan to share those soon!
Luca drew "tattoos" all over his arms with a Sharpie.... that wasn't really fun to clean up but I thought I'd mention it lol.
I had an hour to myself...all by myself...and I felt so strange...but the silence was very lovely and gave me time to breathe...even if I did only go to the grocery store lol.
We were finally able to go to our small group and it was so nice to catch up with everyone and have some
adult conversation!
How was your week everyone?!? What lovely things did you encounter?!?


Alicia said...

LOTS of lovely reads to read...yeah for inspiration!!

stephanie said...

going to check out some of these links right now!!