Coffee Shop Adventures

I have been wanting to visit this little coffee shop ( Hope & Union ) since I read that Grace Bonney of Design Sponge was there. 
I had just moved into the area myself, and was looking for a cute, non-Starbucks place to have a nice cup of coffee. The little places that are tucked in corners unseen by many and yet loved....!? That's the kind of place I wanted...and that's just the kind of spot Hope & Union is.
Anyway, finally, after months of dying to go there , sans kiddos, 
for a truly quiet cup of coffee with a friend...I was able to visit.

Here's why I fell in love.

...the coffee was perfection; brewed to order. I only got a shot of the pretty (full) cup of coffee with my instagram you can see it here ...

Hope & Union in the "flesh"

...very simple, under-played architecture and design...was a refreshing change here, from the bold in-your-face advertising and designs found in many shops today...

I cannot wait to go back...I am already dreaming of the deliciousness that will be had
on my next visit...and if you are in the Charleston area ( or perhaps take a little vacation this way) I highly recommend it. (Just be advised, that the parking is pretty tight as it's right in the heart of downtown.)

What a special treat to find such a gem close by!
Huge thanks to the Mr. for watching the kiddos for me
and my sweet friend Sarah for lacing up her adventure shoes (or maybe I should say heels)
and making the jaunt with me. ♥

What special little places have you found lately? What are your favorite places to visit for a bit
of an "escape"?

Hope you all are having a fantastic Friday!!!


Rachel~Wildflower Photography Studio and a little bit vintage said...

it looks so very lovely! :) i love the "mom and pop" places. they are so much warmer and totally full of character. :) happy weekend!

Sarah Hope Dickert said...

Hope and Union is one of my favorites!

Cassie @ WittyTitleHere.com said...

SOO cute! My mom was just in Charleston last week to give a book talk to middle schoolers. She fell in love, and now she insists I check out graduate programs there while I'm looking. I'd love to visit. :)