My barefoot love....

he's my barefoot love... the all-boy kind with a little tender mixed in for measure...

 this day, he was reenacting a scene from one of his favorite stories...
sometimes he recites whole scenes to me from memory...
having just the right emotion for each character...

 he's a dreamer...and most days you can find us in a pretend-land...with fairytale names and fighting dragons
...I don't ever really mind joining in.
I could have never dreamed for a better future with this little guy...
when he was just a tiny little existence inside me.
it's all so extraordinary really.

 he has an innate skill with his hands... making things, fixing in them or comforting...
he can do all these things.
"momma you are my bestest friend." -the phrase that makes me weak and mushy...
I'd be his friend any day of the week... it's really an honor.
Realizing the necessity to be his parent above friendship 
is my constant struggle.

Oh, and beyond all these things...is he ever an entertainer! Find him
at any given time of day dancing away or listing off some sweet-as-pie 
compliment that makes me wonder what he's up to.
Or, like in this picture, serenading me with his newest concert piece...atop a 
grand stage. Choreographing a set of moves to go along with the show.
Resembles something a Backstreet Boy may have done...back in the day
...not that I would know or anything (wink).

This kid.
He really has me.
He is everything I ever needed...
to make me a better person.
He is such a treasure.
And I will say it a million times
and more.
Luca, oh how I love you ♥

Don't these little ones of ours rule!?! What are some things your littles do that just makes your heart skip? 

And those of you who have no clue what having a kiddo would be like....no worries, we'll be here when it happens...and we'll still be all ears!

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Alicia said...

what a sweetie pie :) and look at allll his hair!! :) i love barefoot weather. i'm ready for that!

Tatjana Parkacheva said...

Lovely photos.

Regards and best wishes

Mindy @ My Life As said...

He is adorable! What a fun age to run around making memories- barefoot!

LeahJo said...

what wonderful photos. he looks like such a sweetheart.

kiddos sure do make the heart melt with their cuteness. mine totally make me fall in love with them each day.