Closet Confessions: It's a Circus

Confession 1:
Yes! the weather has been warm enough to wear...dum,dum,dum.... no sleeves!!!
my body is confused...but I am so happy! If it weren't for adorable boots...I would hibernate all winter, I think. lol

Confession 2:
The only good snake is a dead one.
(sorry all you snake loving people out there...you may want to turn away lol)
Soooo...why not wear it?!?!?

For as long as I could remember...I had never liked clothes with animal print.
I don't really have a reason per se, I just avoided it at all cost...thought it wasn't me.
Then bam! It was like the flood gates were opened and I saw all the wonder that was animal print...
and now I have to say I might have a problem...
It may or may not look like Barnum and Bailey threw up in my closet...
maybe not that bad...but still.
I know a lot of people who felt the same way I did...
they don't own any animal print clothing...or hello...shoes!!!
I admit it is a bold move.
Not super bold...like wearing a meat dress or anything (oh Gaga)
but too bold for some.

My advice?
Yes it is bold, but if this is your issue try to find a more neutral version of
the print...like the one I am wearing ...not a huge print...not excessively bright...but it is there.
Also, if you want to take it a step further...play down the rest of your outfit too...say, neutral pants a little cardi or sweater that is a softer tone....even go for a more muted shoe color...Or wear the print under a suit jacket....!
Start small...find a bracelet or cuff with a leather snake print...or a leopard print flat or heel...
if you are worried about wearing a skirt or top with an animal print right off the cuff...that is a great option.
Last...believe in yourself a little....give yourself some credit...you can pull it off!

Oufit Details:
Racerback top: $4 (tj maxx on sale)
Skinnies: $2 ( thrifted)
Earrings: $4 Target
Flats: $5 (Charlotte Russe on sale)
Belt: $4.80 F21

 Oh, and for the record, I don't suggest mauling any animals to get your animal print clothing lol
The faux, store bought kind works just as well!


Alicia said...

you're too cute, girlie! and yes, i agree on two main things: i am not a big animal print person, but you make it look adorbs! and also? yes, snakes should not be living. ever. blech!

chrissy said...

your photography is soooo beautiful! your blog is lovely!

my dear watson

amy@agoodlife said...

eeeep, i'm jealous of your weather! you're adorable.

Ashley {hudson's happenings} said...

You are so super cute in your snake-y print. My favorite type of snake is also a dead snake. Blech. I hate those creatures, but their print is pretty cute! ;)

It's been really warm here in Alabama lately...I am loving this early taste of spring, hope it lasts!!

Cassie @ WittyTitleHere.com said...

I'm definitely a fan of animal print. The other day, I wore a zebra-print cardigan and got lots of comments! (Including one from male co-workers who said I looked like I was out of the '80s... I choose to take it as a compliment.)

I also have an awesome faux leopard fur coat from LOFT that my mom got me for Christmas. It's such a bold piece that I feel like I can only wear it for a fancy night out to dinner. But I'm determined to wear it with jeans and a t-shirt, too!