Hey friends! Happy last day of February!
I am glad I was able to work this post in...
I do so love these posts because they are for my kiddos.
So here we go...
months 18 & 44!

To say I love to watch you play and interact together would be an understatement.
You always surprise, humor and uplift me with your antics.
Lately, you guys have gotten a kick out of playing "grocery shopping" and you love
to select the foods and place them in your basket...asking me for my debit card at the end 
of your "imaginary" transaction. So cute! Luca, you get so excited when Canaan learns or does something new...you always cheer him on. You teach each other, and learn together...you are pals...brothers! Canaan, I love how sympathetic your heart is when your brother or someone else is sad...you always run and give them kisses. You kiddos have the biggest hearts. So many things in this world will try to make you love less, feel less, will teach you to only care about yourself....don't let go of your big hearts. Feel everything you can, love fearlessly....love others. 


You are 4 months away from your 4th birthday....! I don't think I am prepared in so many ways...but it blesses me everyday to see you growing and learning....becoming a little closer each day to the man you will one day be. That is a monumental thought for me. You will one day be a man. I hope everyday I can be a better momma to you. The kind of momma that can teach you how to love. The kind that will teach you how to find the right love in a mate. 
This month, you have been completely enamored by The Fresh Beat Band...lol
You love their version of  The Wizard of Oz...more than anything I have ever seen...you literally know every 
word of the show by heart...that is amazing. You know the dance moves too...you like to bust them out at random in public places like....the middle of the aisle in Target...or at a restaurant... because you believe everyone needs to entertained...and that you are...my little entertainer!
Get away with it now...everyone thinks a singing and dancing kiddo is cute....an adult? not so much lol.
Have I mentioned that I cannot believe you will be starting school?
You are beyond excited!
This is a little hard for me...I have had you all to myself for so long...
but I know this is the next step...and you are ready.
Your favorite meal this month was meatloaf...who would have guessed?!?!
You played your very first board game with us as a family!!! The Very Hungry Caterpillar we picked up from the thrift shop (for .99 cents!!) has been a huge hit with you ...( and I totally recommend for 3+) 
and you loveeeee to use the ice dispenser on the fridge...
I have no idea why, but you do.
I love you kiddo.
To the moon and back, I do!


Hello my smiley boy! My giggler, goodbye waver and cuddler.....
This has been a busy month for you...and you have picked up a lot of new "tricks"!
You have learned to say "socks" and "shoes" ....and use a fork! (we make it a point to let each kiddo determine when they are ready to learn knew things...so as with the fork...we waited until he showed us interest in learning it...and the same way with potty training too...) You are a good eater...though you are a bit pickier than your brother...which sometimes leaves me whirling for things to make you :) You love noodles...with butter or cheese.... you have been all about blocks and building things lately...and you are more interested in books as of late too! I cannot wait for the day when all 3 of us can cuddle up and read stories together!!! You are a little to "busy" for that yet though...and that is ok...I can be patient :)
You seem to understand more of what we are saying...and if I ask you something you usually answer with a yes or no...which makes things so much easier for the both of us! One day soon you will be talking just like your big brother!!!  Being outside is by far your favorite pastime....your brother's too...and you two can literally run around in the grass for hours! I love to see you "exploring" the yard...examining the trees and leaves...your curiosity amazes me. You are still a good sleeper...though lately you have been waking once or twice briefly. I am so proud of how you are growing. I am thankful to have such a smart, healthy and happy boy! You are really a joy, little one....Your smile brightens my day!
I love you so so very much ♥  


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LeahJo said...

your boys are so adorable! It's so nice to see the kiddos getting along and being pals like you said, I completely agree.
Your photos are awesome by the way.