Sick-Day Staples... and recipes!

Anyone out there have a routine or "bag o tricks" for when you &/or your kiddos are sick?
I never really did, I admit, until I had my kiddos, but find it essential to have a few things
close by to make me feel better...even if I don't feel good....ya know, the indulgent, comforting
kinds of things....like, oh I dunno, I really easy and yummy recipe...or two!

Yep, that sounds perfect.
So, since we are all currently still sick, I thought I would share our (shhhh) secret weapons!

Warm Cooked Cinnamon Apples
( this recipe is my newest addition to the arsenal...and you'll know why soon...sooooo super easy
and sweet, and soothing for those sore throats!)

Instead of slaving over actually cooking the apples...
( who wants all that work when they are sick?!?)
grab a can of apple pie filling (in the aisle usually with all the canned fruits)
empty into a small/medium saucepan sprinkle your desired amount
of cinnamon and brown sugar ( hey, I get it you sweet tooth, you)
and heat until slightly bubbling.

Viola! Simple as that...and we totally indulged on this treat this week.

Crock Pot Chicken & Rice
Don't be fooled by the words crock pot...it is super simple!
Let the crock pot do the cooking for you!
All you need to do is place a back of chicken ( I like the bone-in chicken best for
better flavor, tenderness and I get more broth from them than the boneless)
into the crock pot on high heat...add chicken broth, salt pepper (and anything else you like to season with) cook until no pink shows...then de-bone ( or skip that if there are no bones haha) add 2 cans of cream of chicken and a tad more broth.
Let cook for a few a couple hours ( the longer the better...its a great dinner recipe) and add rice 30 minutes before serving!
You have a complete meal with so very little work!

Vick's Vapor Gel for kids
This is kind of like the Vick's our moms used to rub on us when we were sick....but way better!
There is hardly any mess...because its gel...and you can squeeze it right out of the tube...the sponge tip applicator makes it possible to just dab it on to the skin without dipping your fingers in all that goo...that is soooo hard to get off!

Funny Movies
I think this goes without saying...but around here, when we feel crummy ....we find the silliest, funniest, nonsensical movies we can find...and laugh the hours away...ya never know, there may be something to the adage "laughter is the best medicine"....it sure beats the alternative right?

Warm Jello
Right. I must be crazy....but I'm not....when I was little my mom used to make this drink for me
to soothe my sore throat and ease coughing. It works people!!!!!
Just empty a package (or less depending on how strong/weak you want it to taste...I like mine strong)
of Jello powder into a cup of water and microwave until you've reached your desired temperature...add a little sugar or even better...honey!
Piece of Cake right?!?!?! Don't believe me? Go try it...I know you will love it!
(even if you're not sick....I won't tell )

Hope some of these are helpful for you on your next sick day!
We are on the mend ....a little better today...hopefully a lot better tomorrow.

What are some of your sick day staples?


Ajax said...

Your blog is looking GOOD! I'm inspired to simplify my layout..but not until I've found my vision. :)

Yeah, I always cook a lot when we are sick..chicken noodle soup from scratch is the best! We just got over (still working out the ends of) a horrible virus! I hope you all have better luck with your jello magic drink!

Lydia @ See Beautiful said...

Ah, the cures for the common cold! My sister has a wonderful tea recipe that should have you feeling better in no time and it smells just decadent (for all those who can still smell in your home):

It's the "Vera's-Kick-the-cold-tea" recipe: http://ourviewfromwien.blogspot.com/2011/12/warmth-of-season-in-mug.html